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I want to pet you, reward you, drain you and after we are all done I will administer after care. The nurses fit is extra. (X;Madam Lydia) ($Madmlydia)
Hello dear..im very much interested in your service and i would love to be your BUYER. Contact me so we can talk about the PRICE and my OFFER...OK Skype::live:.cid.bc8e09706a86e1b7 Instagram::xo_kitty_77 Telegram::@ramosjohn17 Discord::ramosjohn1757 Email::ramosjohnathan179@gmail.com Wire::@ramosjonathan @WipBbhp0 👍 I like this  reply
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Hi sexy I'm interested in buying your feet's pic's inbox me. Telegram::@dannybrucee1: IG::@danny_bruce88: Skype:@live:.cid.a58aea541a32cc39: Snap::@danny_bruce0 @Dannybruce 👍 I like this  reply

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Attention all submissives craving to serve a true Dom: Are you ready to be entranced by my power, seduced by my dominance, and captivated by my control? As a findom, I demand your unwavering devotion and obedience. In return, you'll experience the ecstasy of being cherished and cared for in ways you never imagined. Surrender to me completely, and I'll fulfill your deepest desires while you worship at my feet. Let's explore the intoxicating world of financial domination together, where your submission is celebrated and my supremacy reigns supreme.

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Where are my sweet little pet 🐷
I am here Hun send me a direct message @20n0XyKe 👍 I like this  reply
Hi I'm interested in buying your feet's pic's inbox me Telegram::@Dannybrucee IG::@danny_bruce88 Skype:@live:.cid.a58aea541a32cc39 Email:@dannybruce940@gmail.com GoogleChat::@dannybrucee1@gmail.com @Dannybruce 👍 I like this  reply