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If you want me to answer you tell me how much youre going to send and then I’ll respond
Hello dear..im very much interested in your service and i would love to be your BUYER. Contact me so we can talk about the PRICE and my OFFER...OK snapchat::ramosj1151 Skype::live:.cid.bc8e09706a86e1b7 instagram::ram.os218 Telegram::@ramosjohn17 Discord::ramosjohn1757 Email::ramosjohnathan179@gmail.com @ 👍 I like this  reply

AjticptB  enable tipping
Who’s going to pay for my nails?
Hi I'm interested in buying your feet's pic's inbox me. Email::@dannybruce940@gmail.com Telegram::@Dannybucee Skype::@live:.cid.d11537f55c914e82 IG::@danny_brucee90 @ 👍 I like this  reply