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ton price prediction
i made a full ton price prediction for 2024. ton is the coin by telegram.
here is the full link$ton-crypto-coin-price-prediction-2024
comment now!   1 weeks ago by Anonymous
my philosophy on building paidama
1. have fun. if its not fun don't do this or that feature
2. make it so i love to use it more and more every day
3. try new things that come to your mind, improve things, change things but don't remove them if the actual idea is good. just keep improving it until it becomes sticky
comment now!   1 weeks ago by Steele
ideas for paidama
video section and video learning section in free and paid posts
so that unlisted youtube videos can be used to make a living posting learning videos and other type of videos
comment now!   2 weeks ago by Steele
Todos for today
Fix tos.
Fix stats
Add home icon
Someone liked your post should go to the post
Ability to click on entire article to pull it up also on groups. Fix group select on post
comment now!   2 weeks ago by Steele
code wallet can replace algorithmic content discovery
tiktok, instagram, twitter, youtube, facebook
all of them favor sensationalist bullshit because the algorithm uses watchtime, ctr & engagement
to boost certain content
at some point you only watch really idiotic content.
code wallet micropayment tipping can replace algorithmic content discovery avoiding sensationalism
comment now!   3 weeks ago by Steele

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