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Kin Cryptocurrency

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kin coin wallet
the kin coin wallet is either any solana wallet like phantom, solflare etc
or the code wallet which is a special wallet for kin cryptocurrency only
comment now!   1 weeks ago by Steele
kin price prediction
i did a kin price prediction analysis for 2023 2024
you might want to check out this kin coin price prediction based on launch of code wallet
comment now!   1 weeks ago by Anonymous
the benefits for merchants using kin cryptocurrency coin
given that kin is not inflationary using code wallet to make customers do payments will
have an effect which nobody discussed yet:
demand-supply price curve control

meaning a merchant can corner the kin market by buying up kin on the open market
and at the same time sell goods and services in kin
because its noninflationary he can exercise price control over the price of kin thereby locking in asset appreciation
just from holding kin vs an inflationary high supply currency as the USD

comment now!   2 weeks ago by Steele
kin cryptocurrency realistic price prediction 2023 2024
i am KIN 2017 ICO OG and one of the top holders of KIN
i will tell you where the state of KIN is and where i think its realistically heading
my kin coin price prediction for 2023 2024
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#top-solana-token #promising-solana-tokens #promising-crypto-currencies-2024

comment now!   2 weeks ago by Anonymous

this group is about Kin Cryptocurrency

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