karma updates

if karma under 0 you cannot post in the megachat anymore.
i haven't been on the computer yesterday and the day before.
there was no internet connection and my power inverter shuts off in the heat with starlink
so be patient and i need to buy new optical glasses because i lost my old ones.
so its very hard to work on kin.top right now.
might get an airbnb for the next weeks just to have delivery address and be able to work also.
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DrPoofAloof 2 weeks ago Karma: 32
Good vibes are being sent your way from London!
jaycuba 2 weeks ago Karma: 29
Thank you :-)))
Caro 2 weeks ago Karma: 4
Positivity Is the way to go
kinionaire 2 weeks ago Karma: 6
nice update! interesting lifestyle, not having an address!
jaycuba 2 weeks ago Karma: 29
No address can be hard and good at the same time

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